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Biological Storage

Our Biological Storage services include Biorepository & Cryogenic Storage

PBMMI's  Biological Storage cGMP-compliant Respositories


    Just five minutes away from LAX International Airport, and a stone’s throw away from Interstate Freeways 405, 105 and 5, as well as from other major thoroughfares connecting the state and the country. The first and only Independent, offSite cGMP compliant biostorage facility in Southern California.

    Adjacent to Fresno Yosemite International Airport and within a major commercial power grid, virtually ensuring that we will never be subject to selective rolling blackouts. The U.S. geological survey, as well as Cal-Tech, identify the Fresno area within the Central Valley of California as having little to no risk of destructive seismic activity.

    Our New York repository is ideally located to serve the needs of our New York, New England, and East Coast customers.


BioRepository Features

  • cGMP-compliant storage at any temperature (+4, -20, -40, -80, LN2, etc.), with any platform, in any configuration.
  • Temporary Storage Solutions
  • Storage to the single-box level
  • Redundancy: Environmental control, security, back-up freezers, power, LN2, climatized systems


  • Routine freezer maintenance performed to manufacturer's specifications, and documented within our quality system.
  • Late model refrigerators & freezers
  • Freezer validation

Material Management

  • Inventory Control
  • Bar Code Labeling


  • Controlled access to all material
  • Monthly temperature & activity reports
  • 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant monitoring
  • 24/7/365 alarm response
  • Configurations: Per-box to multiple freezers

Our secure biological storage services and facilities are able to satisfy the most stringent regulatory requirements. Your biological materials will be housed in a cGMP compliant biorepository. Regulatory compliant biological storage is available at all of our facilities: New York City, Northern and Southern California.

Storage solutions are tailored to meet customer needs in any configuration. Long and short term biobanking solutions are available.

Redundancy is built into all critical systems including environmental controls, security back-up storage, power and LN2 delivery. Our maintenance program ensures that all equipment is maintained to manufacturers’ specifications.

Our 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant Inventory control system tracks material throughout our operation and provides cold chain of custody accountability. Material location is never in question.

Access to specimens is highly controlled. Security is always a priority. Temperature and activity reports are generated on a monthly basis. Our biological storage monitoring system is validated and compliant with 21 CFR, part 11. Temperatures are monitored and recorded 24/7/365.

We offer secure biological storage for all of your biobanking needs.


freezer storage box

Vial Bar Code Labeling

cGMP compliant storage at any temperature

Inventory Control

Specimen freezer monitoring

backup power generator

Pacific BioStorage

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Client Satisfaction

"Everything with the move went perfect. The guys were great, and hopefully we will see them in a month or so with the next batch of freezers. Please pass along my gratitude to them."

-- Major U.S. Medical School

"I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent job you have done in transporting specimens from our Biorepository -- a job well done!"

-- U.S. Government Agency

"Thank you for providing responses and commitments from the audit report. Based on the quality of the responses, the audit has been approved. Pacific Bio-Material Management, Inc., has been classified as an 'Approved Service Vendor'."

-- U.S. Biotechnology Company

"I would most definitely use you and your company again. Your crew did a great job."

-- Major U.S. Van Line

"We were very pleased with the attention and care demonstrated by Pacific Scientific Transport in the transport and handling of the specimens. I overheard the doctor telling our Director that, should any future researchers need transport services, he would highly recommend PST."

-- Major State University

"I am not allowed to write letters, but I can talk about Pacific Bio-Material Management's performance, which has been good."

-- U.S. Biotechnology Company

"Thank so much for all your help with the projects. Your people did an amazing job!"

-- Major U.S. Biotechnology Company

"The drivers were very professional and they did a great job in a timely manner."

-- Major U.S. Pharmaceutical Company

"We use PBMMI for the storage of both cGMP materials and production retains. Their monitoring system is quite good and response is quick. We are satisfied with PBMMI and they meet our needs. "

-- U.S. Biotechnology Company

"That's great news! Many thanks to everybody including the staff at Pacific Scientific Transport for a major moving job well done."

-- U.S. Government

"Your technician involved in our freezer relocation really knew what he was doing and things went without a hitch. I just wanted to say thanks!"

-- Global Health Organization

"Everyone...was impressed with both the state of the equipment used and professionalism of the crew.  I thought I'd share this with you since rarely in our line of work do we hear when things go right.  Please pass this on to the crew.Your technician involved in our freezer relocation really knew what he was doing and things went without a hitch. I just wanted to say thanks!"

-- Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

"This is excellent. Thank you for your thorough and clear documentation, while accommodating our requests to not open or label the boxes with identifiers.  It is a pleasure doing business with you."

-- U.S. Biotechnology Company

"This is fantastic! Thank you so much for your thorough and expedient service. You completely exceeded my expectations."

-- U.S. Biotechnology Company

"The folks at PBMMI and Pacific Science have been extremely generous with their time and energy on this lab, having rescued us from several potential disasters over the years. Their good will has been above and beyond that shown by any vendor I've dealt with in my 40 years of lab experience."

-- Non-Profit Hospital in Los Angeles

"Thanks, ...! You and the PBMMI organization are doing such a great job of managing the receipts and the shipments for us."

-- World Health Organization

"I'd like to thank your for the great job you did on our project. You were helpful, professional, qualified, and a pleasure to work with."

-- Major U.S. Children's Hospital


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